10 New Parkour Maps For Minecraft 17

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Minecraft 17 has introduced a wide variety of new parkour maps, including Caves and Cliffs Part 1, Reef Race, Under the Secret, and Shuffle Parkour 2. Whether you’re into cliffs or manageable dropper levels, this new update will provide you with a world of excitement and adventure!

Shuffle Parkour 2

The latest version of Minecraft has a new minigame parkour map called Shuffle Parkour 2. It features over 340 race-themed parkour maps, which you can play either in single-player or multiplayer. You’ll teleport to a new stage after each stage is completed, and the game is randomized, so you can’t predict which location you’ll be sent to next. The goal is to complete most stages before time runs out to advance to the next.

There are two game modes available: Free-for-all and teamed. The free-for-all mode lets you play individually, while the teamed mode lets you join a team and contribute to the overall team score. You’ll also have the option to play competitively, and you’ll have to stay away from water.

Shuffle Parkour 2 is a map perfect for beginners and those who want to practice parkour. This map has over 40 different levels and challenges, and you’ll be able to complete them at different speeds. It’s best played by yourself, but you can challenge your friends and play together.

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Players should remember that the game may get crowded and be prepared for that. Thankfully, the developers of Shuffle Parkour have released a new map version that allows players to play in both modes, so you can practice your skills without worrying about too much space. The new map is compatible with all versions of Minecraft, including Bedrock Edition.

Reef Race

If you’re looking for a new map to play, you’ll love the Reef Race map in Minecraft 17. This map is set in a vast ocean filled with vibrant life and is ideal for anyone who loves playing parkour. The map also includes checkpoints and is available in a multiplayer mode. The goal of the map is to reach the end as quickly as possible while making your way through the coral reefs.

This Minecraft map has over 250 levels with mazes and puzzles, which make for endless fun. The map is designed to be played solo or in multiplayer and teleports you to a new story every time you reach a checkpoint. It also has an online leaderboard, though you can only access it after completing the map.

This Minecraft map is challenging, with many unique parkour moments. It is excellent for training and will have you thinking about your next move. This map is also made to use the new blocks added with the caves and cliffs update. It requires a high level of creativity to master.

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Under the Secret

One of the best Minecraft parkour maps is Under the Secret. This map is packed with incredible puzzles and unique parkour moments. In addition, it uses the new blocks from the caves and cliffs update. It is a fun and challenging map for both beginners and experienced players.

This map is filled with different levels, each with different themes and parkour styles. The classes start easy and get more challenging as you progress. You can play this map solo or with friends. It is a great place to practice speedrunning parkour. There are also several mini areas for flying using elytra.

The map is based on the popular movie Alien and features custom textures and sound effects. Players must overcome obstacles to reach safety. There are many challenges in this map, but you must complete them successfully to complete it. All the items you use are made from scratch, so you may lose everything if you die. However, if you build your structures, you can discover hidden loot.

This map is a popular parkour map. It contains 16 levels that vary in difficulty. The map also has an online leaderboard. The map is aesthetically pleasing, and you can use it to test your skills in parkour. It is also a great way to practice competitive multiplayer.

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If you love to test your skills and challenge yourself, SkyBlock may be the map for you. The map contains a small island in the sky, a chest, a bucket of lava, and a block of ice. The map has ten challenging levels and requires you to think carefully about your blocks and use them properly.

TNT Escape

TNT Escape is an adventure map for Minecraft that has you trying to escape from a building before it explodes. You have a limited time of four minutes to find a way out. The doors in the building don’t work, so you need to look for buttons and leavers to find ways out. There are four different ways out.

The map is shaped like a helix, adding tension and driving to the gameplay. It contains 60 challenging levels. The objective is to reach the bottom of the helix while avoiding traps. There are also hidden shortcuts that will help you complete your goal. You can play the map either solo or with friends. You can even compete against each other. You must avoid water, which may make your journey more difficult.

The map is a good choice for anyone looking for an adventure map. The adventure map is a fantastic place to explore with friends. It is enormous and is set in an abandoned city. You must complete quests and explore secret areas to unlock other secrets. This is a great way to have a blast while playing the game!

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If you’re an adventurer, you’ll love TNT Escape in Minecraft 17 because of its many parkour levels. There are more than two dozen unique levels to conquer, and the map has an online leaderboard. However, it’s important to note that you can only access the leaderboard after you’ve completed the map.

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10 New Parkour Maps For Minecraft 17
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