Assassins Creed in Minecraft PS3 Parkour Maps

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If you are looking for a fun way to kill time in the game, you should check out some PS3 parkour maps. For example, you can play the popular DeadliestSaiyan parkour map that lets you use the sky to your advantage. This map also requires you to use cheats to stay alive.

Assassins Creed parkour map

If you are a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series and have been looking forward to playing the game for a while, now you can get a copy of the Assassin’s Creed parkour map in Minecraft. The game is an action-packed role-playing game that features a unique parkour system. It is designed to allow players to explore a large open world and complete challenging objectives.

Assassins Creed hunger games map

Whether on PS3 or PC, you can now play Assassins Creed in Minecraft PS3 with a new map. This map is known as ‘FastTime,’ and it’s based on the map in the video game. While it’s not a replica, it is very accurate.

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Nigeria is a Minecraft user who’s created several different hunger game maps, including maps based on Destiny and Assassin’s Creed. If you’re not a Destiny gamer, you can save money by downloading NeriaK’s Hunger Games Destiny map.

Assassins Creed Under the Secret

The Assassins Creed Under the Secret parkour map is a game of open-world parkour. In it, you must search for hidden diamonds and complete objectives. Objectives are marked by floating blocks that you can interact with. These objectives include a Cannabis Farm, wanted posters, and hidden feathers.

The gameplay in the game is open-ended and involves both stealth and direct combat. There is also the option of cooperative multiplayer in the game, where up to four players can play together and compete in missions. You’ll be able to find the best ending by trying different strategies.

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Base Drop City

Minecraft’s parkour maps are designed to be challenging but also fun. You can choose from different difficulty levels and explore different areas while attempting to complete each section within a limited time. Some of these maps even include elements from other games, like Portal. The challenge comes in various forms, such as timed jumps, which can make the game feel like a challenging puzzler.

Some of the more challenging parkour maps are the ones that require you to be precise and agile. For instance, Canyon Jumps, which emphasizes accuracy over speed, has you suspending your character on a high cliff, requiring you to move your body in the right direction to make it to the top. This map includes 48 challenges and even features an automatic in-game scoreboard.

Another map is the Base Drop City, which covers the entire map of Minecraft PS3 and includes some pretty cool builds. If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll love this one. It’s designed to resemble the Shiganshina district of the game and is accurate down to the smallest detail. There are several hidden easter eggs, and many buildings have interiors.

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If you’re looking for more challenging parkour maps for Minecraft, you might want to look into FastTime. The Assassin’s Creep map isn’t a replica of the Assassin’s Creed game worlds, but the architecture and level design are based on multiple cities. There are chests hidden in various places, and players must figure out how to get them without encountering a mob. You can play this map solo or with as many friends as you like.

The Colossal Titan is a particularly intimidating presence on this map. It stares at you from the side. This map was released in 2013 and worked flawlessly on the latest version of Minecraft. However, the developers should have taken the opportunity to attach a quest to the district.

Extreme Sky Run

If you’re into parkour in Minecraft, you’ll love Extreme Sky Run, a new map for PlayStation 3. This parkour map was created by SSJGODPhillip, and features challenging levels and spawn points throughout each group. It even has a creative and adventure mode for you to explore.

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The sky in these maps is incredibly varied, allowing you to experience various extreme adventures. This map lets you set up wizard towers or cliff-diving decks in the clouds. You can also expand the map palette and control the map’s look.

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Assassins Creed in Minecraft PS3 Parkour Maps
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