How to Find Parkour Motivation

Parkour is an activity that encourages self-refinement and learning to focus and control your body. The pressure to perform increases, and tasks become harder. At a dead sprint, a traverse becomes a much bigger challenge than it would be otherwise. A knot in the pit of your stomach tells you whether you have trained or not.

Sharing your parkour passion is a great way to encourage others, but remember not to get caught up in likes and engagement. Even if you only manage to influence a few people, you are still doing a great thing. Besides, sharing clips of your progress with others does not require you to spend a lot of time or money.

Parkour motivates you by empowering you. It teaches you to be confident and worthy of your life. A lot of people open their minds in different ways, through music, art, or painting. However, parkour allows you to be more free and open your mind in a very personal way. If you want to learn more about parkour, here are a few ways to get started.

Parkour has a history. The first person to develop parkour was David Belle. While many people don’t know about this history, you can find books about it that can inspire you. You can also read motivating books in different fields about parkour. It is important to find a way to motivate yourself and keep at it.

Other parkour inspirations include the work of world-famous athletes. You can also follow the work of a talented parkour practitioner on social media. For example, traceur Cosmin Marius posts parkour videos on YouTube and TikTok. Similarly, you can follow the Instagram accounts of Ivan Alvarez, a Spanish parkour star. There’s also Ivan Velazquez, a renowned jump master.

If you want to improve your parkour skills, you should do bodyweight exercises. These exercises build up your muscles in areas that will be needed in parkour. This will help you learn the basic moves. You should also practice jumping over obstacles. Developing a bodyweight base is essential to learning more complicated moves.

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How to Find Parkour Motivation
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