How to Perform a Kong Vault

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The kong vault is a variation of the monkey vault, which is used to get over long obstacles and jump with your arms across a long distance. Learn how to perform a kong vault by learning step-by-step progressions, which you can then apply in different situations. In this article, we’ll cover a few different examples of how to perform a kong vault.

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After learning how to perform a kong vault, it is essential to know how to perform a specialized landing. The kong landing is a critical part of the entire parkour process. This type of landing requires careful planning and analysis of the body position and flight path after contact with an obstacle.

Performing a proper kong vault involves three main phases: the take-off, obstacle contact, and flight/exit. Each phase is performed slightly differently, depending on the context. However, there are some common ways to perform each of the phases that are integral to the kong vault technique. After learning how to perform these steps, you’ll be able to execute a flawless kong vault and perform the movements of your choice.

The best way to learn how to perform a Kong Vault is by practicing it as much as possible. This technique requires both strength and speed. And it’s essential to practice both in an indoor and outdoor environment. If you can’t find a place to do it outside, you can train indoors with parkour equipment.

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Another type of kong vault is the reverse kong. It’s similar to the dash vault, except that you have to pivot 180 degrees before placing your hands. In addition to learning how to perform a reverse kong, you can learn the double kong. This consists of a double kong, but you can also do it by jumping over the obstacle feet first.

The king kong vault is a natural progression from the monkey vault. It can be done with either a verended hulpmiddel or without it. You need to remember not to land on your back on the landing. It’s a very complex maneuver, but it’s a vital skill for any freerunner.

The study included 15 people who had at least some experience in performing a kong vault. The results were consistent across these participants, which lends credence to its general applicability. However, the study has some limitations. First, the participants were limited to male and English speakers, which makes it difficult to generalize the findings. Second, there is a need for more research in partnership with the wider parkour community.

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How to Perform a Kong Vault
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