How to Do a Parkour Roll

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The parkour roll is a fundamental parkour move that requires practice. It involves rolling overhead using the hands, and dispersing kinetic energy. It is best practiced on a soft surface, such as a grassy field or beach. To perform this movement, begin in a low squat position on the ground. With the hands held in a diamond position, reach forward with the arms. Then, drop forward shoulder and chin, and push off the ground.

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The parkour roll is a very effective way to land after jumping. Because of its unique landing position, the parkour roll is also a great way to jump higher than you would otherwise be able to. As you practice, you can increase the height of your roll. Beginners should start by practicing the roll at half their height, and progress to two times that height in a few months. You can also practice the roll sideways and backwards. It is recommended that you practice all three types of rolls when learning parkour.

While there are several ways to exit a Parkour roll, the two most common ones are bending the left and right legs. Once you’ve finished rolling, you’ll need to get back in an upright position. This can be done by walking or by making a light jump from a flat surface.

When practicing a parkour roll, keep in mind where you’re rolling and what the surface is. When you start, you don’t want to roll too far forward because your knees will end up on the ground. To avoid the injury to yourself, practice on a mat or carpet to get used to the motion of rolling. Then, move onto a harder surface and build your confidence.

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Aside from doing a parkour roll, you can also learn the basic technique of climbing an obstacle. This can be done with one arm at a time and then together when you’re ready. Initially, you should kick out your foot while standing on an obstacle to get your center of gravity to go upward. Once you’ve mastered this, you can move onto the next obstacle.

The parkour roll is a fundamental parkour skill, but it is not a simple one. It takes time to learn. The first few attempts may seem difficult, but with enough practice, you’ll get the hang of it. In the meantime, it’s important to make sure that you practice in public places. Remember, this is still a new sport in the U.S., so please help to promote it.

Aside from physical benefits, parkour can help you make new friends. The parkour community is very friendly and supportive. Those who practice the sport are usually there for fun, and they will be happy to help you improve.

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How to Do a Parkour Roll
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