Learn the Basics of Parkour Vaults

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Parkour vaults are exercises that require the athlete to vault over obstacles. The main goal is to transition over obstacles as quickly as possible while landing as gently as possible. A good landing should be soft and quiet and the athlete should always keep one foot in front of the other. If you’re not familiar with the technique, start by learning the basics.

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Once you’re comfortable with the technique, try to vault over a handrail or similar obstacle and start with small movements. Practice turning yourself as you vault. Don’t put too much weight in the center of the turn; spread your weight evenly. Start with a 90-degree turn on flat ground and work up to a 720-degree turn.

Speed Vaults are another way to vault over obstacles. These moves are especially good for moving over handrails and shorter walls. To perform Speed Vaults, you need to have a strong core. This will help you avoid straining your wrists and shoulders. In order to learn Speed Vaults, you need to be able to jump over obstacles quickly.

Other types of parkour vaults include the barrel, flare, and star. The former is similar to a barrel vault but involves launching the outside leg over the obstacle while the latter uses the inside leg to push off. Depending on your preference, you can also use both legs to kick over the obstacle. Another type of vault is the two-handed vault, which involves putting both hands on the obstacle and using parallel legs to propel yourself over it.

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While the Safety Vault isn’t the fastest way to vault over an obstacle, it’s still a safe way to practice and is an excellent move for beginners and experienced vaulters alike. The Safety Vault is a good way to get over an obstacle without risking your safety or your life. To perform this move, you must jump off one leg and swing the other leg upwards, making sure that you keep your chest facing the obstacle.

Swings are another common parkour maneuver that traceurs use to pass through obstacles. One of the more advanced swings, the spiral underbar swing, requires users to spin as they swing under the bar. This allows the user to get a better view of the ground. This helps prevent injuries and can also help them avoid the emergency room.

Free arm vaults work similarly to step vaults, but they require more velocity. The aim is to swing your leg forward, using momentum to push yourself over the obstacle. Once you’ve done this successfully, the next step is to land in the same direction as the obstacle. This will enable you to land on your feet and continue your forward movement.

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Beginner vaults include the step vault, the lazy vault, and the speed vault. These moves are used to get over obstacles that are approached in a parallel line or head on. Beginners should start by placing one hand on the obstacle and shifting their weight forward. They should then lift their opposite leg and place their ball of the foot on the obstacle.

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Learn the Basics of Parkour Vaults
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