Freerunning As a Performance Art and Sport

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Freerunning is a form of athletics with a high level of artistic expression. It is a cross between parkour and athletics, and emphasizes speed and artistry. Its aesthetics are as important as the athletics, and it can be considered a performance art as well as a sport.

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The aesthetics of freerunning make it a great social media sport. Its fast-paced, exciting, and dangerous nature makes it relatable to a wide range of viewers. For instance, it has gained a strong following online, with athletes such as Daniel Di Tommaso and Jason Paul garnering hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram. Jason Paul’s Last Call for Mr Paul video has become one of the most popular Red Bull videos ever.

Freerunning has roots in military training, athletics, and obstacle courses. It is also known as parkour, and its origins date back to the late ’90s in Paris. In this city, the Yamakasi crew developed the sport and introduced it to the local community. Since then, freerunning has become an increasingly popular form of urban sport.

The sport is open to all ages and weights, and it is a great way to expand your horizons and your creativity. Freerunners develop a different perspective on urban life and develop an amazing sense of body control. This sport requires a high level of coordination and fluid movements to be successful. It stretches the mind, and develops limitless creativity.

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Freerunning and parkour are similar, but they differ from each other in that parkour emphasizes speed and efficiency while freerunning places more emphasis on art, expression, and aesthetics. Freerunning has become very popular as a performance art and is increasingly popular with street performers. It is sometimes done in urban and rural environments. Parkour can also be done in wild and remote areas.

Parkour and freerunning share similar roots, though they have evolved independently. Both originate from French military training. The focus on speed, dexterity, and maximizing the urban environment has led to a split in the community. Eventually, these movements became known as parkour, and freerunning became a broad term for parkour with more visual flair.

Freerunning and parkour are both physical activities that require a lot of discipline. Oftentimes, these two disciplines can be merged into one. Some people engage in freerunning as a form of performance art, while others use it more like a traditional sport. If you are interested in getting into parkour and freerunning, make sure you find a gym or school athletic program that offers such classes.

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While freerunning is a highly competitive sport, there are certain risks associated with it. As with any sport, it is important to note that the risks are not entirely controlled by the sport organization. There are a lot of safety precautions you should take and you should seek the advice of an experienced coach or athlete before you get started.

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Freerunning As a Performance Art and Sport
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