Yamakasi: The Original Parkour Athletes

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These individuals are what obtained the incredible movement we call parkour started. Without these individuals, I do not assume you ‘d be here reviewing this.

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We wouldn’t be taking pleasure in the incredible sporting activity called parkour.

These men are entitled to all our love as parkour professional athletes and also parkour lovers. You would not be able to experience the fantastic benefits that parkour needs to offer if it weren’t for Yamakasi.

The Yamakasi were a group of traceurs who are attributed for the production of Parkour and also Freerunning in the French town of Lisses in the 1980s. They ultimately took place to promote the sport through looks in films such as Yamakasi, which is named after them, and also docudramas such as Dive London and Jump Britain.

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This post is not nearly exactly how amazing Yamakasi is.

It’s about the heritage they left for us. It’s also about us discovering who the participants of Yamakasi are and exactly how they each contributed to parkour.

This is a failure of what’s going to remain in the post:

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  • A Quick History of Parkour
  • Who Is Yamakasi Exactly
  • The Parkour Philosophy The Yamakasi Developed
  • The People That Are Yamakasi

A Brief History of Parkour

Parkour was in fact was designed by George Hebert in the very early 1900s. He based it on how African people he fulfilled, relocated nature. He observed how sports those tribes were as well as was influenced by it.

However George didn’t call what he created parkour. He called it “methode naturelle”.

This french for all-natural technique and also in it you had to do motions like strolling, running, leaping and climbing up. George stated that these movements are utilized primarily to develop what he called the “three major pressures”:

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  • Energised (self-discipline, nerve, coolness, and also firmness)
  • Moral (honor, and sincerity)
  • Physical (muscle mass and also breathing)

Methode naturelle began arriving in the French military throughout World war and World War II and also ended up being the typical system of French basic training.

Afterwards, “parcours du combattant”, was created by a Swedish engineer. If you’re questioning what that means army obstacle course in French.

You can see where the name parkour came from if you check out that once more … Parkour– Parcours. Simply change the “c” with a “k” and go down the “s”.

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When Raymond Belle remained in the military when he secretly did army barrier training courses. He educated really difficult throughout this time. He would certainly train during the night when everyone else was sleeping.

After that came his boy, David Belle …

Since you know where parkour gazed. It didn’t simply come overnight. It was passed down from generation to generation.

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The Yamakasi didn’t really invent it. However they are the primary people that made parkour into what it is today.

That Is Yamakasi Precisely

Currently to enter into individuals that in fact began parkour …

Yamakasi began when David Belle learnt from parkour training from his father and he began educating with people that had the exact same vision as him.

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They called themselves Yamakasi which implies solid in spirit in Congolese. That name is ideal since they did what they’re name methods.

The members of Yamakasi were solid in spirit. They lived up to the meaning of their name. And they did this by constantly tough themselves, and also each to get over physical and also mental barriers.

And also not everybody was permitted to be in the Yamakasi. You had to pass the test for you to join their group.

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That’s not all. You additionally needed to be advised by a participant of the group to enter.

These people were so outstanding they even acted and also did parkour in a movie. Do you wan na take an assumption what the name of motion picture was called … It was called Yamakasi.

Not a lot of individuals can claim that they appeared in a movie. Don’t bother having a motion picture named after themselves. However the motion picture had not been concerning them. They were the major cast in the flick. They also did their very own parkour feats …

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I believe this is what takes place when you’re remarkable as well as create a something that a lot of individuals enjoy … You reach remain in a flick called after on your own.

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Yamakasi: The Original Parkour Athletes
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