Boston Dynamics Atlas Parkour Bloopers

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The new video by Boston Dynamics shows two Atlas robots completing a parkour obstacle course in Waltham, Massachusetts. The footage shows hours of work to perfect the robot’s parkour routine. It also features the robot making some errors along the way. In one example, Atlas trips over a foot and fails to backflip. Another shows the robot spewing smoke while running. The company engineers said the mistakes helped them learn and expand their robot’s abilities.

Atlas robot

Despite being a multi-million dollar robot, the Atlas robot has been failing at parkour more times than it succeeds. The company posted a video of Atlas’ parkour bloopers on its Youtube channel. While the video may not be what you’d expect, it highlights the process of programming the robot.

The Atlas robot is seen performing a variety of tricks. These moves closely resemble those of a human and may be so realistic that viewers may feel empathetic toward the robot. However, the robot rarely walks away from falls. In these cases, technicians wheel in a crane and lift the robot. The robot is then taken to the lab for repairs.

As with other robotics, the Atlas robot’s motion is controlled by a computer. Its controller uses input from RGB and depth sensors to determine its course. It then adapts its movements to fit its environment. The software in Atlas is designed to balance the robot’s short- and long-term goals.

The Atlas robot in the Boston dynamics parkour bloopers has been programmed to perform parkour maneuvers, including vaulting over a vault and a banked panel. The video also features Atlas performing backflips. The video has become a popular viral video with over 4 million YouTube views.

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Boston Dynamics has been a controversial company in the robotics field. Although they’re known for their prancing robots, their latest droid Atlas has proved to be a surprisingly competent parkour robot. The Atlas can balance on two legs, open doors, stack boxes, and recover from being pushed. The HA HAs, however, will not be as resilient as they once were.

Robot dog Spot

The Boston Dynamics parkour robot Spot is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. It has overall sensors and an arm, which can be used for multiple purposes. It can even perform tasks such as checking radiation levels and delivering food in a hostage situation. The New York Police Department has even leased Spot. However, its appearance with the police in public housing sparked a public backlash. Many people found it disturbing, chilling, and wasteful.

A human pilot controls the Boston Dynamics robot Spot. However, it can also be programmed to go around a path. This makes it a helpful tool, especially when doing repetitive inspections. It can scan hundreds of pieces of equipment and read analog gauge readings.

The Boston Dynamics company has been uploading videos online for over a decade. The videos document the progress of its creations. One such model is the robotic dog Spot, which walks on all four legs and often wears a camera on its neck. While the dog’s abilities are not fully developed, Boston Dynamics hopes to make it as close to real life as possible.

As far as its design goes, Spot is an adaptable, modular robot with an impressive range of options. While it weighs about 60 pounds, it is portable and versatile. The robot can be configured with various payloads, such as thermal imaging, LiDAR, and 3D scanning.

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Though Boston Dynamics isn’t planning on signing Atlas up to compete in parkour events, it likes to challenge its robots and learn how to push them. The video below is a short cut of a longer video on the company’s YouTube channel. As with the other Boston Dynamics parkour videos, these outtakes show that the company has spent hours training its robots.

High-octane obstacle course

The robotic Atlas has been filmed doing parkour, completing a high-octane obstacle course in Waltham, Massachusetts. Boston Dynamics engineers have spent hours perfecting the robot’s movements. In the video, Atlas can jump over obstacles, backflip, and even fall on its face. The team says that if Atlas improves its agility, it can soon achieve the same flexibility as a human.

The robotic duo started their routine by running up banked plywood panels, broad-jumping a gap, and then running up and down stairs. Then, they were programmed to perform a backflip on a balance beam. They then completed the routine synchronized with each other.

The Atlas robots had to balance on beams and vaults while completing the course. The Atlas robotics program is designed to allow engineers to develop perception and sensory systems for their robots. Boston Dynamics tasked two Atlas robots to complete the course.


Boston Dynamics, a robotic company, has recently released a video of their robots performing backflips and dancing. The video features Atlas, a humanoid bipedal robot designed by the company. The robot is shown running, jumping, vaulting, and doing backflips. The video ends with Atlas pumping its arm as a sign of victory.

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Atlas, the robotic humanoid designed by Boston Dynamics, has been developing parkour moves for some time. The robot has been able to learn backflips, but its movements could be better. The company says Atlas can create the same flexibility as an average adult.

Atlas is five feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds. It recently completed a robot obstacle course in Waltham, Massachusetts. The video shows the robots’ hours of training. While it shows the robots doing backflips, several bloopers occur during the routine. One shows Atlas tripping over a foot, while another shows it failing a backflip. Atlas also shoots smoke as it runs. The engineers behind the company said that making mistakes allows them to develop their robots.

The robot Atlas has worked hard for the past month to achieve this newfound proficiency. The AI has landed hundreds of times on the course, and each tumble improves its understanding of the course. The benefits of all this hard work are now seen in the Boston Dynamics parkour bloopers video. Boston Dynamics has posted the video on its Youtube channel.


While a robot may be able to perform parkour with a bit of help, there are still some miscalculations to be made. The Boston Dynamics robotic dog, Atlas, was filmed attempting some routines in which it struggled. The robot’s movement was based on perception rather than programming. The robot has RGB cameras and depth sensors that detect its surroundings. Instead of having to pre-program its jumps, engineers use online templates to determine the appropriate motion for the current environment. To assist the robot, three onboard computers handle all the computations needed to perceive the environment and plot a course.

In one routine, Atlas robots ran up and down staircases, vaulted over a balance beam, and ran up and down a banked plywood panel. The robots then completed the routine by performing backflips synchronized with each other. This routine took months to develop, testing the robots’ coordination and balance.

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In another miscalculation, Atlas takes a tumble over a bar while attempting a jump. The supporting arm twitches throughout the whole maneuver, which demonstrates the limits of the robot’s capabilities. As Boston Dynamics points out in a blog post, Atlas’ arm is not as strong as its heavy body. Therefore, the robot’s ability to vault over a bar is limited by the strength of the supporting arm.

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Boston Dynamics Atlas Parkour Bloopers
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