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If you’re interested in learning more about the art of parkour, then you’ve come to the right place. Parkour is a dynamic and exciting sport that involves moving over, under, and around various obstacles. It incorporates gymnastics-style movements, such as vaults and climbs, and freestyle movements. These exercises train the body to move efficiently and safely over, under, and around obstacles.

RocPK Summer Camps

RocPK Summer Camps are for kids from age 5 to 10. While the age of 5 is the minimum requirement, a parent or guardian must accompany any child who is younger than that. These camps are held outdoors, so it is important to follow basic safety precautions. For example, every camper must wear a mask and wash their hands often. In addition, campers are grouped in small groups called “pods” and a lead counselor or assistant counselor is assigned to each group.

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Ninja & Parkour Camp

A Ninja & Parkour Camp is a fun activity for youngsters aged seven to 13 who want to learn how to be ninjas. These camps combine elements from popular TV shows like Ninjago and Parkour to create an obstacle course that children can complete using body movements only. The concept was created by a sports complex that wanted to offer a fun outlet for young children who love gymnastics but are bored with it. They also wanted to feed the growing hype surrounding their “ninja” classes.

Ninja and parkour camps offer a variety of programs, including basic movements and concepts. In Level 1/2, kids learn how to master the basics of parkour skills, including vaults, wall moves, floor bars, and other movements. This class is specifically designed for younger children, so it can help them gain confidence in their movements.

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Many local gyms offer parkour classes for children. Parkour classes for kids are an excellent way to let kids burn energy and develop strength. There are several gyms in Philadelphia that offer kids classes. By taking part in a ninja or parkour class, kids will gain self-confidence and increase their physical strength.

The Ninja Warrior has been gaining popularity among both kids and adults. It has even found a home at Aviator Gymnastics. During an intense training session, kids will experience a challenging obstacle course that will challenge their strength, speed, and endurance. They will face obstacles, such as slanted steps, unstable bridges, and cargo net swings. While this might seem like a challenging experience, a Ninja Warrior training camp will provide a rewarding experience.

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Ninja & Parkour Gym

A Ninja & Parkour Gym camp is an excellent option for your child who is looking to learn new skills while having fun! The parkour program will help kids develop their agility, strength, and stamina. These programs are suitable for children, teens, and adults.

A parkour course will include running, jumping, rolling, catching, tumbling, and flipping. There are certified instructors who will help you learn this disciplined form of movement. These instructors are certified by the World Free Running and Parkour Federation (WFRPF). In addition to this, you can choose to learn free running, which is a form of parkour that involves using body momentum. Parkour requires disciplined training, flexibility, and mental interpretive skills to master.

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The Ninja & Parkour Gym offers a summer camp that is perfect for kids interested in parkour and ninja skills. The camp runs from 9am to 2pm and features both indoor and outdoor activities. The kids will develop their body awareness and conquer challenging games. They don’t need previous parkour experience to join the camp.

Kids can learn the basics of parkour in a ParKids class. This class teaches children the basics of parkour movement and concepts. They will learn vaults, floor bars, and other basic parkour skills. These classes are ideal for kids ages four and up.

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Find a Parkour Camp Near Me
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