Find a Parkour Summer Camp Near You

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If you’re considering enrolling in a parkour summer camp, there are a few options available to you. Some of these options include the RocPK, Ninja & Parkour, 92Y, and The Park. These camps are designed to introduce the basics of parkour in a fun, engaging environment.


RocPK parkour summer camps are a fun, action-packed daylong experience for kids. The program will educate, inspire and motivate kids, while teaching them the fundamentals of parkour and ninja arts. Kids will spend half the day learning how to safely vault over barriers and swing from bars.

Campers will experience a world that is full of obstacle courses and fun events. Parkour classes teach kids the art of overcoming obstacles to reach their goal. Whether your child is the next mini Peter Parker or just a curious parkour fan, a parkour class will help him learn how to master new skills and overcome obstacles.

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Ninja & Parkour camp

If your child has a love for action sports, they will love a Ninja & Parkour summer camp near you. This camp is based on the famous American Ninja Warrior(r) competition show, and it will teach your child the basics of parkour and tricking. Campers will learn how to land in the air, flip and perform a variety of stunts. These camps are a great choice for kids who want to learn new tricks and flips. They also offer recreational access to rock walls and a gymnastics center.

Parkour is a new discipline that has become popular for kids, and it teaches kids to overcome obstacles in an active way. This type of physical activity is not only fun for kids but it’s also good for their overall health and fitness. In addition to fitness, children who take these classes will also learn about the importance of timing and precision.

In addition to parkour, many camps will incorporate trampoline training. Your child will learn tumbling and balancing, and they will also learn about ninja warrior-inspired obstacles. The instructors are also experienced in teaching parkour, and they come from different backgrounds. They will also provide a fun and safe atmosphere for kids to learn this exciting new sport.

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The Park

If you’re looking for a fun summer camp that combines parkour and gymnastics, you’ve come to the right place. The Parkour and Sports Adventure Camp offers half-day classes with structured challenges and open training time. Participants will gain an understanding of body awareness, as well as conquer fun challenges. The program is ideal for kids who have no prior experience with parkour, but want to learn more about the sport.

The Movement Creative’s camp is run by highly experienced coaches with decades of combined parkour experience. The Movement Creative is committed to fostering a career for its coaches, and its coaches receive the highest hourly pay of any parkour organization in NYC. The company also donates hundreds of hours of programming to low-income schools each year.

NYC is full of exciting events for kids, and there are many summer programs available. Parkour is a great way to get kids to develop new skills while they’re still in school. Kids will also love learning new Parkour moves, such as clearing obstacles and climbing over them. Kids will develop a healthy sense of freedom and confidence as they take on obstacles.

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The 92nd Street Y is opening a new parkour and sports adventure camp, which will be open to campers aged 5 to 12. Campers will learn to jump, tumble, balance, and perform other tricks. Parents are encouraged to attend the camp and observe the activities. Besides parkour, the camp offers basketball, swimming, Tai Kwando, photography, and other sports.

Camp counselors at 92Y are required to be at least 16 years old, have a high school diploma, and have coaching or teaching certification. They will be responsible for keeping campers safe and having a great time. The ratio of staff members to children will be eight to one.

Campers will learn the skills of the ninja warrior in a safe, supportive environment. This camp will focus on developing physical skills, overcoming challenges, and building self-confidence. Campers will learn about how to use their strength to be a ninja warrior.

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Find a Parkour Summer Camp Near You
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