How to Do Parkour

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To learn to do Parkour, you must start with the basics. It would help if you practiced the basics until you could move on to more complicated moves. Luckily, beginner Parkour moves are relatively easy to learn. There are also benefits for your mental health. Let’s take a look at some of the most common Parkour moves.


While falling from high levels is a natural part of Parkour, there are specific techniques that can make the experience much safer. One such method is rolling on landing. This technique helps disperse the force over more parts of the body and can be particularly useful when dropping from a higher level or jumping with forward momentum.

Learning the techniques of Parkour is an exciting process that can expand the mind. However, practicing them consistently and constantly keeping safety in mind is essential. In addition to using proper form, learning the skills of Parkour involves learning how to overcome obstacles. It would help if you did not deliberately make obstacles more difficult but saw them as challenges. The key is to focus on overcoming them, and you will become a better parkour practitioner in no time!

A beginner should begin by practicing simple rolling and jumping techniques. Beginners should practice jumping between half a meter and one meter. They should also practice landing on their feet after the jump. Eventually, they should move onto higher objects and farther distances.

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Places to practice

There are a lot of places where you can practice Parkour. Some are open fields with a soft underfoot surface that reduces the chances of injury. Others are college campuses with exciting architecture and plenty of rails and ramps for parkour training. In addition, college campuses are safer than urban areas, so you’re less likely to be accosted by security officers. Whether you’re an experienced parkour practitioner or just looking for your first experience, these places are great for developing your skills.

Tokyo is home to some of the most popular places to practice Parkour, but you must choose your locations carefully. Some urban areas are crowded, while others have very little space. It’s essential to choose the right training partner and a place where you can do parkour training without getting bored.

Some public parks offer great spaces for practicing Parkour. Those in Honolulu, for instance, have access to one of the world’s largest beach parks, where you can practice Parkour. Try Parkour in New York’s Central Park or Lisbon’s Spot Real.


A growing number of young people are getting involved in a popular new physical activity called Parkour. The goal of the sport is to get from one place to another as quickly as possible, usually by jumping from roofs or climbing walls. Parkour has been increasing in popularity recently, and police have issued warnings about its dangers. In particular, bad landings can cause serious injury.

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One of the most critical dangers associated with Parkour is the lack of proper technique. Landing on the heel can signify inexperience or an inability to control abnormal forces. Traceurs often display more excellent leg eccentric forces than untrained participants and gymnasts, which can lead to injury. Landing on the forefoot can reduce the energy applied to the ground and minimize the sound created during landing.

Another risk is dehydration. Dehydration inhibits the body’s ability to regulate temperature and may affect cognitive and motor performance. Furthermore, an extensive range of motion of the lower joints is essential for landing safely.

Proper diet

A proper parkour diet involves consuming a variety of healthy food. It would help if you did not overeat but ate moderate carbohydrates daily. It would help if you also drank plenty of water. Parkour is a highly strenuous sport, and you must stay in tip-top shape to perform at your best.

A proper parkour diet will not only give you the energy you need to perform your best, but it will also give you the energy to conquer plateaus. You can do this by eating various foods and taking supplements that boost your energy levels. A balanced parkour diet can also prevent you from getting injured during your training.

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A proper parkour diet should include the right fuel: fruit, vegetables, grains, and three glasses of milk daily. It is also essential to stay in the proper weight range. A diet suitable for Parkour requires carefully counting calories, so you should consume plenty of nutritious foods to keep your energy levels high. Many sites offer charts and calculators to help you find the right calories to consume during a Parkour workout.

You should avoid refined sugar and processed foods. A balanced diet should include raw fruits and vegetables, preferably organic foods. This way, you can have a more significant amount of time for Parkour.

Practicing with a friend

Practicing Parkour with a friend can help you learn new skills and explore new moves. However, practicing Parkour with a friend differs from learning an instructor’s activities. It is important to remember that an instructor can see your movements differently than you do. An instructor can choreograph movements and record them for future reference.

Parkour is a discipline that is highly demanding on your body. Hence, it is vital to start slowly. Try to do only a few tricks or jumps too early. It takes time for your body to adjust to the physical demands. Beginners should wait until they learn to master basic moves before trying complicated ones. Moreover, a beginner should refrain from doing big jumps when tired or hungry.

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Practicing Parkour with a friend also allows you to test your skills against each other. The pressure is so great that even simple tasks will become a challenge. For example, the pressure to perform makes traverses more difficult. The knot in your stomach tells whether you’re training or not.

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How to Do Parkour
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