How to Find the Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

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If you’re looking for a Minecraft parkour server, there are a few things you need to know. You’ll want to look for a server with a low maximum player count. The number of players on a server determines how many features the server can have. For instance, a parkour server can only have 300 players, so you’ll want to ensure you’re joining a small group. You’ll also want to check out what mode the server uses.


If you want to improve your graphics and gameplay on Minecraft parkour servers, you’ve come to the right place. This server has tons of mini-games and courses to choose from. It also has a high player count and is the third oldest Minecraft server dedicated to parkour. It has more than 500 challenges to choose from.

Blocks offer a friendly community, responsive staff, and exclusive quality content. In addition, there are many server quests for players to complete. It also provides parkour content on most servers. For example, Jumpcraft has over 800 parkour courses, and the developers constantly add new areas. You can also compete with other players to earn points and rank up.

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The next best server offers various game modes and lets you create custom courses. You can also pay with in-game stars to let other players try your methods. This is an excellent way to get feedback from the community. This is also great for finding other players who share your passion for the game.

While parkour maps are essential for survival, you can also play them solo. But if you’d like to compete with your friends, parkour servers can help you do that. There are several parkour maps and different types of servers for these. It would help if you found a server with various challenges and map layouts. This will help you improve your parkour skills.


One of the best ways to experience Minecraft parkour is to join a server dedicated to parkour. These types of servers often feature many different mini-games, parkour challenges, and a large number of players. Some Minecraft parkour servers even feature dedicated courses for parkour. Another great feature of these servers is that they allow players to build and test their custom parkour courses. Players can then pay in-game stars to have other players try their custom courses. This is a great way to get some feedback from other players.

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This Minecraft parkour server is small but has features and several game modes for all skill levels. You can play Economy, PvE, McMMO, Pixelmon, Pixelspark, and Survival. You’ll also find game modes dedicated to creative and puzzle play. Anubis has a great range of game modes, and the Parkour features are no exception.

Overpowered (OP)

Many Minecraft parkour servers are online, and not all are created equal. While playing parkour, you must watch your falls, as falling may damage you and your equipment. This is a dangerous game mode; you should always wear a safety helmet. OP servers offer more content than others. Some have custom sky blocks, boss fights, and dungeons. You can also enjoy creative parkour mini-games and daily challenges.

Mineplex is one of the most popular Minecraft parkour servers online. Although the server is not as active as other servers, it has various parkour courses. It also has one of the best back-ends and many players. This server is great for beginners and players of all experience levels, and it’s also one of the few cracked servers.

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Upcraft is another server that features parkour content. It has a crypto theme, and the players are almost entirely crypto enthusiasts. Upcraft has several parkour areas, and the creators constantly add more to the server. You can compete with other players to earn points and rank up.


If you are looking for a Minecraft parkour server that offers the same experience as Java and Bedrock players, you should try the Triumph server. It has many parkour courses with more than 100 challenges to complete. However, this server does not support cross-play between versions, so if you are looking for a server with the same worlds, you may want to try another one.

There are many unique parkour challenges to conquer on this server, and each one has a theme that is different than the others. For example, each map is devoted to a different biome or has a different food type. The server has several game modes: survival, creativity, puzzle, and skyblock.

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The server is designed for players of all experience levels, including beginners. It also features a dedicated zone for novice players. In addition, it allows players to create challenges suitable for any group. If you have limited experience, you can try out the beginner’s zone to see if you like the game.

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How to Find the Best Minecraft Parkour Servers
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