Minecraft 116 Parkour Servers

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There are only 116 parkour servers in the world. If you’re looking to play on one of them, here are a few things to keep in mind. Not all servers allow Optifine, a unique mod that will enable you to change your character’s appearance. You can still download skins from the Minecraft store to make your character look unique.

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In-game coins are rewarded for completing obstacle courses.

Minecraft is an open-ended game that offers players limitless gameplay opportunities. One type of such gameplay is parkour. Players can choose between many different obstacle course maps with varying skill levels. They are rewarded with in-game items and tags for completing specific tasks. They can even access the parkour map in the chat.

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Some of the best Minecraft parkour servers are free to play. Some of them even offer custom maps to suit the different scenarios. These servers have gained popularity amongst Minecraft players. While some may offer just a few parkour maps, others offer a vast library of parkour maps and plugins.

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Top 20 parkour servers

If you’re into parkour in Minecraft, you will want to join one of the best servers. You can find hundreds of maps, ranging from beginner to advanced, on ParkourCraft. The server also features various parkour game modes, including sky-parkour and dropper.

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This popular parkour server features 100+ parkour challenges in one location. Each course has a theme and is different from the next one. Many parkour servers have maps dedicated to specific biomes, mobs, and foods. Some parkour servers also feature creative and puzzle game modes.

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Minecraft 116 Parkour Servers
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