Minecraft 188 Parkour Maps

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If you’re bored of the same old parkour games, consider downloading one of the many Minecraft 188 parkour maps. These maps are designed to provide hours of fun, with over 250 levels to explore. The maps feature mazes and puzzles and can be played alone or in multiplayer. Players can even teleport to a new level at random after reaching checkpoints. Moreover, the developer of the maps promises to update the map with major Minecraft updates.

Captive Horrors

For those who enjoy a bit of creepy horror in their Minecraft games, the Captive Horrors map is an excellent choice. This map features a prison with a strange theme. You’ll need to use creepy crawls and climbs to make it out alive!

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Under the Secret

Under the Secret is a Minecraft parkour map that will challenge your skills and make you think outside the box. It features over 60 levels, each with a unique puzzle to solve. It is great for competitive play and can be played alone or with friends. One tip to keep in mind is that it is not recommended to play this map near water.

This map is quite tricky, with its difficulty increasing as you advance. Some parts of the map are crowded, and you may find it challenging to maneuver through them. Fortunately, you can discover checkpoints and replay the map whenever you get stuck. Another bonus of Under the Secret in Minecraft 188 parkour maps is that you can play it in multiplayer.

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The Wipeout map is based on the popular Wipeout game show, aired from 2008 to 2014 and will run until 2021. This map is a variation of the original Wipeout experience, with a large pool of water and obstacles for the player to navigate through. The game’s objective is to complete the course as quickly as possible—the first player to reach the end of the map wins. There are three different modes for the game.

Wipeout in Minecraft 188 parkour map has a variety of different obstacles that you can jump over. The game’s challenge requires you to be very fast and jump high to move from one point to another. The map is free and compatible with all versions of Minecraft PE.

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Captive Minecraft is a new way to play Minecraft. It places you in a small restricted area, and if you complete achievements, you can expand that area. You will discover particular sites and resources and earn rewards by doing so. It is the perfect way to challenge your friends and yourself. It is an excellent game for players of all skill levels. Its small world and variety of parkour and action activities make it a unique experience for every player.

Captive Minecraft’s Winter Realm is a fun adventure map. It’s a perfect choice for new players, and the world is filled with exciting challenges. There are even achievements to complete, which will help you achieve the game. This map is easy to play and allows you to earn achievements as you progress through it.

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Minecraft 188 Parkour Maps
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