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There are many different types of parkour maps for Minecraft. Some of these maps are more difficult than others. Some maps have over 100 levels. The more levels you pass, the more complex the surrounding scenery becomes. The more difficult the parkour map becomes, the more creative you’ll have to get.


If you’re tired of playing the same old parkour maps, you can change up your gameplay with these new parkour maps for Minecraft. With more than forty-six unique parkour map designs, you’ll be able to find something new for your next adventure! From single-player maps to competitive multiplayer, you’ll find a map to suit any skill level.

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Minecraft 189 parkour maps are among the most challenging and popular map types in the game. These levels are designed for speedrunning and contain minigames that allow players to improve their skills so that they can dominate a server. For example, bridging can be easy if you are alone but becomes difficult if you’re in the company of other players. Whether you’re playing in competitive or survival mode, this map will provide you with the training you need to master the different techniques of parkour.

Some parkour maps contain a large number of puzzles that can be difficult to solve. You’ll also find mini areas where you can fly with elytra. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty of the surrounding scenery will increase. This type of map will be especially challenging for beginners.

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This map has more than 250 levels and can be played in either single player or multiplayer. It features mazes and puzzles, which make for hours of play. It also features a ranking system that keeps track of your score. The map is compatible with all Minecraft versions, including the Bedrock Edition.


There are many different Minecraft 1.9 parkour maps to choose from. Some of these maps are simple, while others require the player to learn various skills to complete them. For instance, one of the most popular parkour maps is Parkour Euios, which has 18 levels and requires a certain set of skills to complete. Players will need to explore a distant landscape, a dense forest, and different environments before reaching the secret lab.

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The 1.9 update also includes a Christmas map, and it fixes a camera glitch that can cause players to get stuck at low frames. In addition, new custom color options are available, and the vault type will now always be visible. Other improvements in the update include bug fixes and improvements to the game’s user interface.

A few of the most significant changes are a revamped combo system, a new glide bar, and controller support. Additionally, tutorial tips have been added and made permanent. For a full list of new features, check out the official Minecraft website. The latest update also includes a new map expansion and a new gamepass called “Double Skins.”

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Minecraft 189 Parkour Maps
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