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The first step is finding a parkour server if you’ve been thinking about trying out parkour in Minecraft. There are several out there, but there are some things that you need to know before you get started. First of all, you’ll need a Minecraft account so that you can log in to a parkour server. Once you’ve done that, you can begin by playing easy maps and eventually work your way through the more difficult ones. Take your time when you’re starting, and always aim to land on the edge of the block.


If you are looking for the best parkour server, you’ve come to the right place. The following Minecraft 189 servers have an amazing parkour community, and you’ll surely enjoy playing them. Whether you’re looking for the most exciting parkour courses in the game or want to enjoy the game with others, these servers have you covered.

ParkourCraft is a smaller server that offers custom parkour maps and parkour-based plugins. You’ll earn in-game cash when completing this server’s challenging task. This cash can be exchanged for cosmetic items. Another great Minecraft parkour server is Jumpcraft, with over 800 parkour places. The developers are constantly adding new parkour places, and the community is encouraged to compete. With such an extensive parkour community, Minecraft has become an extremely dedicated parkour game.

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Upcraft is one of the oldest and most popular Minecraft parkour servers available. It offers an incredibly diverse range of parkour challenges, including various mini-games. The server is also very active, with hundreds of players actively participating. It is also one of the oldest Minecraft servers dedicated to parkour and offers over 500 levels.

Minor has several parkour maps that cater to all levels of play, as well as puzzles and mazes. You can spend hours exploring the parkour content of this server. Another parkour server to try is JumpCraft, which has a 7-year uptime and features over 800 parkour courses. They’re organized into various difficulty levels, with the highest level being Extreme, which can be very challenging.

Mox MC

Mox MC parkour servers in Minecraft are a new addition to the gaming community. Inspired by the cryptography trend, these courses include ups and downs and teleportation. These new servers are great for both beginners and experienced players. You’ll enjoy playing parkour courses in this new version of Minecraft.

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These servers have plenty of parkour courses and are very diverse. You’ll find a map to suit your skill level, and the server will reward you for completing challenges and beating records. There are also mini-games to keep you busy and entertained. In addition to parkour, these servers also include multiplayer games and challenges.

These servers are a popular part of the Minecraft community. Many people use them to play parkour with friends. These popular servers offer a large selection of maps with varying difficulty levels. The servers also provide different types of play, like speedrun and other fun modes.

Mox MC is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a Minecraft parkour server. It is hosted in the United States and has a great connection. Besides offering a wide variety of parkour maps, it provides custom-built maps that players can enjoy.

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Mineplex is a popular parkour server for Minecraft that has been around for years. It offers different game modes, including parkour, which is excellent for players of all skill levels. It also provides different map types for specific skills, like slime and ladder parkour. Happy HG is another popular server that offers a variety of game modes, including parkour. Its “Dragon escape” game mode is enjoyable.

While the popularity of the Mineplex parkour server varies greatly, it tries to be as inclusive as possible. It offers Minecraft 189 users a fun, active community and a variety of exclusive content. Players can also compete with each other and complete challenges. Users can also get points to rank up on the server.

Parkour is a popular game mode that requires a high level of physical fitness. It focuses on decision-making and motor skills, which makes it an excellent choice for people who want to develop their skills while playing. In the past, Minecraft parkour servers have been very different from other Minecraft servers.

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The best place to play parkour is on a Minecraft server dedicated to the genre. You can choose between a map with challenges, or you can select a map with a variety of obstacles. A great parkour server will have challenges for all skill levels and rewards players for beating them. If you’re looking for competitive play, you should try one of the popular parkour servers. They offer a wide variety of challenges and tons of mini-games.

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Minecraft 189 Parkour Servers
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