Minecraft Education Edition Maps – Parkour

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The Minecraft Education Edition includes a vast library of maps. Among them is the Parkour game type. With this type, you can install maps on your server to customize how you play the game. For example, you can download a Parkour course that includes a variety of challenges and a timer to see how fast you can complete the course.

Dead Box Parkour

Dead Box Parkour is a Minecraft parkour map featuring a scoring bot. The bot keeps the score of each player’s time and deaths, placing them on a map leaderboard. The map is a perfect choice for Minecraft fans who are nostalgic about their favorite video games. There are several levels, each themed after a different video game.

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This map has more than 100 levels, ranging from easy to challenging. There are many different themes and parkour styles. It can be played alone or with friends. The level of difficulty increases as you progress. It can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. There are no rules on how many players can play the map simultaneously.

Besides being a great source of entertainment, Dead Box Parkour also contains several challenges. These challenges are fully realized and include a variety of custom map types. For example, you can find a dropper challenge, a parkour course, and a survival puzzle. Using a variety of different map types can make the gameplay more diverse.

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Dead Box Parkour in Minecraft Education Edition maps can be challenging for younger players or experts. The game requires agility and timing to navigate the mazes. Some maps also feature spectacular scenery and mechanics. Moreover, they can have a storyline or a purpose. If you’re into adventure games, you’ll love this game. It is a great learning tool for both young and old alike.

Shuffle Parkour 2

Shuffle Parkour 2 in Minecraft Education Edition is an exciting map for parkour enthusiasts. This map features 40 challenging levels and a relaxed environment. Its challenges will help players complete complex in-game situations. The map is compatible with Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition. Several groups have unique challenges, including slippery blocks and crumbling sand. Players will also encounter hidden TNT dynamite blocks with different abilities.

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This map is available in single-player and multiplayer modes, but most of the game’s stages are designed for multiplayer. It is split into two modes: free-for-all and teamed. Players can choose a Blue, Red, or Yellow team and contribute to the team’s overall score. Players gain points when they complete a stage.

Designed for younger children, Shuffle Parkour 2 is a fantastic way to introduce children to parkour. The game includes 30 unique levels that will challenge the youngest players. An elytra level also allows players to test their parkour skills. The map also consists of an online leaderboard accessible only after completing the map. The developer promises to update the map with every major update to Minecraft.

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Shuffle Parkour 2 is a sequel to the popular Shuffle Parkour map for Minecraft 1.18. It features over 340 parkour stages and is compatible with single-player and multiplayer. It features shuffled levels, so players can play in order without having to play in order. The goal is to complete as many stages as possible in a limited time. You can play in single-player mode or multiplayer and meet the game with friends. You can choose whether to complete 25 or 50 stages at a time.

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Minecraft Education Edition Maps – Parkour
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