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If you’re into Minecraft parkour, you’ll love these parkour maps created by Minecraft forum members. Some of these maps are very challenging and require special tools. The following map has multiple difficulty settings. The game’s elevator works well, but it’s not without hazards. To avoid them, parkour to safety.

Beat Jumper

If you’re a Minecraft fan and like to create your own Minecraft maps, you’ll love Beat Jumper. This map takes the fun of parkour to the next level. It is designed with multiple stages and features a secret group that only you can access. With over 60 stories, this map will keep you entertained for hours. It also features custom textures and sounds.

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You can enjoy the many different levels, as well as the different parkour styles. The map starts easy and becomes more challenging as you progress. It’s great for solo play but can also be played with friends. Despite the difficulty, it’s a great way to practice speedrunning and parkour in the game.

The map also features an elevator that can jump around different levels. You can challenge yourself by jumping up and down and avoiding mobs. Afterward, you’ll need to parkour to reach the exit. You can also disable groups so you can focus on parkour skills.

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Thousands of parkour maps are available on the internet. One popular map is Extreme Sky Run, which has different difficulty levels and spawns points. This map is perfect for beginners and parkour fans. It has many unique stories, including a winter theme. It also has a dedicated all-player server.

Extreme Sky Run

The Extreme Sky Run is a parkour map designed by SSJGODPhillip. It is a very challenging game mode that combines parkour with adventure gameplay. It features several different stages designed to keep the player challenged and interested in trying out new challenges. In addition, the map includes many other spawn points throughout the various levels. It can also be played in both adventure and creative modes.

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Sky’s “Throwable Brick Mod” video takes place after “Elemental Creepers.” In that video, Sky mentions a glowstone in his inventory and near the mod review area, indicating that he picked up the flowstone from the Light Creeper in the previous video. The two videos were filmed before Sky created the first and second Extreme Sky Run. Originally, “Sky Does Minecraft” was Adam’s original Minecraft Let’s Play.

The map is not infinite. It doesn’t have a hard limit, but the further you go, the more difficult it gets. The map comprises chunks of 16x16x128 blocks, and each piece has an offset value of 32 bits, in the range of negative two billion to positive two billion. The distance from the sun is approximately 25%.

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The Sky is the leader in Extreme Sky Run and is famous for his running and jumping skills. A good balance between speed and agility is crucial for completing the map and avoiding mobs. A peaceful environment is essential when playing this game, as groups can get in your way and prevent you from accomplishing your goal.

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Minecraft Forum Parkour Maps
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