Minecraft Parkour Block 3D

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Parkour Block 3D is a parkour game where you play as a Minecraft character. You must navigate through various platforms and objects while trying to reach your goal. Each level is more challenging than the last. This game was made using pixel art and is available for free online. It also includes 35 unique parkour levels.

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Run and jump on the blocks

Run and jump on the blocks to progress to the next level in Minecraft parkour 3D. This block game consists of several levels, each with a different theme. You must jump over various obstacles to reach the teleportation door at the end of each level. The levels are quite challenging and there are multiple difficulty levels. You need to use your creativity to get through these challenging levels without falling in the lava. If you fall in the lava, you’ll have to restart the level.

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Parkour Block 3D is an action-packed game that allows you to do dangerous parkour maneuvers. There are numerous death traps and obstacles. To navigate your way through these hazards, you must jump from one platform to another, while avoiding the lava. You can control the game using the arrow keys to jump or move.

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The game is played in first-person, so players will need to get used to the controls. They can play the game on a desktop or a mobile device. You can also play the game with a touch-screen controller. It’s a great way to practice your parkour skills.

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The game has a variety of different levels, with each level having different obstacles. It’s a challenge to reach the end of each level without falling and facing dangerous traps along the way. The more levels you complete, the more difficult the game will become. In addition, the levels are more complex, so you will have to get better at jumping on the blocks. But, once you’ve perfected your jumping skills, you’ll find that it’s definitely worth the challenge.

Free online games made in pixel art

Free online games made in pixel art are available on the internet. If you love playing Minecraft, you’ll probably be interested in this pixel art run game. It’s a first-person, 3D run game that tests your hopping and jumping skills. However, you’ll want to be very careful when you play it. There are countless traps and obstacles that you’ll need to avoid.

Parkour Block 3D offers a variety of gameplay options and 35 different levels. It has similar gameplay mechanics to Minecraft and requires players to think critically to get past different levels. For each level, you’ll need to solve different puzzles and figure out ways around a range of barriers. Failure will not cause you to lose, so you can try again later. Ultimately, you’ll want to reach the orange Minecraft block at the end of each level. Otherwise, your character will fall into the lava.

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Minecraft Parkour Block 3D
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