Minecraft Parkour Maps 1182

You’ll love these excellent maps if you like to explore the world and do parkour in Minecraft. They’re fun and challenging, and most are completely free to download. You’ll find maps like Bennie’s Dream Parkour, Extreme Sky Run, and even the popular Scared Shiftless!


The newest edition to the Minecraft parkour map family, Forspoken, introduces eight new magical parkour abilities. These abilities will help you scale, swoop, and speed through the world of Asia. Flow, the basic knowledge, allows players to run through a map and jump over obstacles quickly.

The map is filled with puzzles, mazes, and more. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, this map is sure to test your parkour skills. You can access an online leaderboard that will allow you to see your progress. The developer promises to continue adding more levels as the game evolves, so you can keep trying new things.

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Husein Gradasevic
Minecraft Parkour Maps 1182
What is Parkour in Minecraft? photo 4
What is Parkour in Minecraft?