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You’ll find some great ones on the internet regarding Minecraft parkour maps. Whether you’re looking for one with more than 1000 jumps or more variety, plenty of great choices are available. This article will look at Simple Towers, Invisible Parkour, MrMesch’s Parkour, Sprint-a-Thon, and The Invisible Parkour.

Simple Towers

A variety of parkour maps are available in Minecraft. There are maps for the Overworld, Nether, and End. In these parkour maps, players are challenged to complete different challenges. Some are difficult, while others are relatively easy to assemble. These maps are perfect for those who like to challenge themselves and have fun doing so.

The most challenging parkour maps usually contain a series of mid-air platform challenges that force players to judge their jumps from block to block. Some maps even replace the blocks with unusual items or unique hitboxes, making them far more challenging. These maps are more complex than normal Minecraft maps and require much skill. YouTuber Ragon Akashi has an excellent tutorial on creating parkour maps if you want to learn how to make these types of maps.

One map in this series is called Dropper. This map is an adventure map with various parkour challenges and quests. Besides that, it is also trendy and has been used in many challenge maps online. A good parkour map can make the survival world even more enjoyable.

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Another popular Minecraft parkour map is Canyon Jumps, which features many jumps. It features dozens of challenges that can be completed in a single-player or multiplayer mode. If you love parkour games, you can download these maps and play them with your friends.

You can find simple, easy, and medium difficulty levels in the game. Some maps even feature insane and extreme towers. Try some out and see which one suits you best.

Invisible Parkour

Invisible Parkour is a challenging parkour style. It’s not just about jumping and running from platform to platform – you must run and parkour without looking behind you! This type of Parkour requires creative thinking. Unlike traditional Parkour, Invisible Parkour requires you to use illusions and think outside the box to complete the map.

The map is great for solo and multiplayer play. It has unique custom items and textures. Although it is the first official release, the creator is open to feedback and suggestions. This map is a great place to test your parkour skills. It’s best played yourself, though you can also play it with friends.

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Invisible Parkour is a challenging parkour mode in Minecraft. The player must jump over invisible blocks to progress. This map also features lava and a bottomless pit. There are also minigames in the game, such as Hide and Seek, which requires two players to complete.

Another popular parkour style is Lucky Run, where players must shoot a target after performing a parkour move. Like in real-life dodgeball, Lucky Run is a fun way to mix Parkour and dodgeball. It also features bounce pads so you can execute epic dodges.

MrMesch’s Parkour

MrMesch’s Parkour is a great map if you want to test your parkour skills. This map contains four maps in one, designed to test your skills. You’ll need to avoid traps and run across dangerous surfaces. This map also has unique and creative obstacles.

The map is also challenging. It requires precision and will challenge even the most experienced player. It’s a map to test the most expert players in the game. To play the map, you must know what you’re doing and how to react in different situations.

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If you love fast-paced Parkour Maps, you will love Sprint-a-Thon. Designed for people who like to sprint, this map features many statues, including Zisteau, SkyDoesMinecraft, Honeydew, my Statue, and more. It’s a fun way to test your speed and improve your skills.

This map is a long one, which can make it difficult for beginners to learn Parkour. The map features many different biomes and environments. It also uses moving blocks, which help you progress through the difficulty levels. It’s designed for beginners, but even if you’re a seasoned parkour expert, you’ll find this map enjoyable!

Save Tommy 2

If you’re a fan of Minecraft parkour maps, you may have noticed Save Tommy 2. This map is part of the Save Tommy series and is set in a medieval environment. It features story-driven gameplay and many unique challenges. The game’s unique helix-shaped map features 60 challenging levels. This game can be played competitively or solo and includes hidden shortcuts that allow you to progress faster.

The parkour levels are designed to be challenging for players of all levels. You will be able to climb, jump, and run and use your skills to move blocks and elytra. The game also has a leaderboard that awards points for successfully finishing levels. The map’s developer promises to keep improving with future Minecraft updates.

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You can even learn to fly using elytra to traverse the map. It is a great way to practice your parkour skills. Several mini areas can help you achieve different objectives. These mini areas are perfect for practicing your speed run parkour. Moreover, there are several puzzles to solve that will make you more proficient in solving complex situations.

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