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There are a variety of Minecraft parkour servers to choose from. Whether you are new to the game or looking to improve your skills, there is a Minecraft parkour server for you. Happy HG offers parkour maps for players of all levels and has several game modes, such as slime and ladder parkour. You can also play a parkour map targeting a particular area. Mineplex is another popular server that has been around for several years and has maintained a loyal following of Minecraft players.


The Mineplex Minecraft parkour server has more than 100 challenges. These challenges are based on different themes, such as biomes, mobs, or foods. The server offers other game modes, such as puzzles, creativity, or survival. Regardless of the genre of the game, you can find something for you and your friends to enjoy on this parkour server.

This Minecraft parkour server tries to be as inclusive as possible. The game runs on the latest version of Minecraft, version 1.18, but is also open to players who are on older versions. It is also one of the few cracked servers allowing players from different game versions. An excellent community on this server means you can always find someone to talk to.

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For players who enjoy playing obstacle courses, several servers offer parkour content. Jumpcraft, for example, offers over eight hundred parkour areas, and creators are constantly adding new ones. You can also complete challenges that can earn you points to rank up. You can find out which parkour servers suit you by checking our top list.

Depending on your level of expertise, a Minecraft parkour server may be a better fit for you. These servers are often quite competitive and allow you to test your skills with other players. In addition, you can create your courses and charge other players with stars to try them out. This is a great way to improve your parkour skills.

Mox MC

Mox MC is one of the web’s most popular Minecraft parkour servers. The server is loaded with custom-built parkour maps and features several game modes for players to enjoy. In addition, the server has various parkour-themed plugins, which can help you improve your skills in the game.

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The servers run by Mox MC are hosted in the United States. You can expect good connectivity on this server. The games available on this server are suitable for all skill levels. This server supports game modes, including parkour, sandbox, and zombies. Its latest update includes numerous new features and changes to the game.


Look no further if you’re looking for the best Minecraft parkour servers. With parkour courses, players can fling themselves across massive stages and compete against other players for record times. There are several popular parkour servers to choose from, so check them out.

Upcraft is a popular Minecraft parkour server, but there are others. The Minecraft parkour server strives to be as inclusive as possible. It runs on the latest version of Minecraft but is also suitable for older game versions. In addition, this server is one of the few cracked servers on the market, which means players from older game versions can use it.

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For Java and Bedrock players, you can try Triumphia, a server that offers similar parkour experiences. This server has more than 100 parkour courses and parkour meetings. The downside is that this server does not support cross-play between editions, but it has many great features.

The dynamic trend of crypto graphs inspires Cryptoparkour courses on this server. They have ups and downs that mimic the peaks and valleys of great parkour spots. But to attend one of these parks, you’ll need to get Upcoming. The server offers other perks, including daily events and a unique parkour map.

There are dedicated regions for beginners as well as for advanced players. Beginners and experts alike can enjoy these servers, and you can even design your challenges. There’s no limit to how far you can progress! Dedicated regions are a great place to practice, and players of all skill levels are welcomed on this server.

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If you are looking for a simple, clean Minecraft parkour server, look no further than Triumph. Its 100+ parkour courses make it a great way to play like you used to back in the vanilla days. This server offers a smooth experience accessible to players from Java and Bedrock versions and provides a wide range of exclusive content. This is one of the few Minecraft parkour servers that is not cracked.

Besides providing a great selection of parkour maps, this server also has a large player base and tons of mini-games to keep you engaged. Moreover, this server has dedicated courses and challenges, with more than 500 challenges. Whether you want to play parkour or not, you can find a good match on this server!

Parkour is a game of agility where players can overcome various obstacles by jumping, running, and performing acrobatic moves. It is enjoyable to play and never gets boring. If you’re looking for a new challenge or to polish your parkour skills, Minecraft parkour servers are the way to go. Check out our top server list to find a server that matches your skill level and interests.

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