Minecraft Xbox 360 Parkour Maps

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Minecraft Xbox 360 parkour maps offer a variety of challenges. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious gamer, there’s a map for you. The game features many different kinds of parkour, including canyon jumps, honeyJump, hologram parkour, and ancient pyramid parkour. You can also use peaceful mode to prevent mobs from interfering with your gameplay.


HoneyJump in Minecraft xbox360 parkour maps is a map which tests your parkour skills in a unique way. It features 10 levels of progressive difficulty and funky visuals. This map is very difficult and requires plenty of practice to master.

It is the first map that fully reveals the new game mechanics in the new version of Minecraft. It is also the first map that includes a working lobby and timer. The map features seven stages and is designed in a way that challenges players to learn about honey blocks. It also contains puzzles that require agility, dexterity, and solving basic parkour puzzles. The map is available for single and multiplayer modes.

The difficulty level of the map is higher than the land map, and players need to be very precise to avoid mistakes. The map features increasingly complex obstacles, as the player flies higher. The map is designed to challenge even the best players. A gamer who has never tried a parkour map before can try this one out.

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There are many different types of Minecraft parkour maps, from the simple to the complex. There are single player maps for the adventurer in you, and more difficult ones for the more experienced. In this case, the player must be the best in using parkour skills under pressure. It is recommended to play this map with friends and other players. Moreover, this map will give you a view of the beautiful underwater environment.

Canyon Jumps

One of the Minecraft parkour maps is Canyon Jumps, which emphasizes accuracy over speed. It has 48 challenges and suspends routes in thin air. It also features an automatic in-game scoreboard system. If you’re looking for a map with a unique, challenging environment, Canyon Jumps is a great choice.

This map has a few challenges, with varying degrees of difficulty. The difficulty isn’t increasing continuously, but you’ll have to spend a few hours to complete each one. There are checkpoints to help you complete each challenge, and the map comes with an information book so you can easily learn what to do. To play this map, you’ll need Minecraft version 1.9 or higher.

The difficulty of this map is about twice as high as that of the land version. It requires a high level of precision, and you can’t make any mistakes. The obstacles increase in complexity as you climb higher, making it a challenging map for even the best Minecraft players.

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This map also includes the Grand Canyon, which is absolutely stunning. It contains 10 progressive levels that are perfect for testing your parkour skills. Just make sure to use a safety harness, though!

MrMesch’s Parkour

MrMesch’s Parkour is a map pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 that is comprised of four different maps. These maps are best experienced with the “Render Distance: 6” setting. They include eight different levels. The most difficult level is the Escape Room, which is quite challenging.

MrMesch’s Parkour maps feature a variety of creative obstacles in addition to its normal parkour layout. It is important to remember to turn off clouds when playing this map, which may make navigation a little difficult. This map also uses two-color blocks to play with perception.

Extreme Sky Run is one of the hardest maps in MrMesch’s collection. You must be able to navigate around the map in order to complete the various challenges. There are multiple levels of difficulty, so you have to be extremely patient. The map can take you several hours to complete. Nevertheless, it showcases the potential of the honey block, as you will have to use pressure plates to jump from one level to the next.

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Another interesting parkour map is the Honey Parkour. This map is more challenging than the previous one, since it requires you to climb through honey blocks. This map can be very challenging for players with advanced skills. You need to be extremely precise while playing this map to avoid falling through the platforms.

Under the Secret

Under the Secret features a unique style of parkour. Players start on a small sphere and navigate between different spheres, completing various challenges and obstacles along the way. This game features a wide variety of difficulty settings, so you can test your skills alone or with friends.

This map has 60 levels to tackle, with some being incredibly challenging. The goal of each level is to reach the bottom of the helix, and you’ll have to figure out how to get there. You’ll have to be able to solve puzzles and think outside of the box to reach the goal, and some of them will require you to use new blocks that were introduced in the caves and cliffs update.

The Escapists 2 is another great adventure map, where you’ll need to plan your escape and gain notoriety among your fellow prisoners. This game is a great blend of Minecraft parkour and prison simulation games. The map contains eight massive cells, as well as a jobs system and currency. Another great map is Fireworks Parkour, which uses TNT to propel players around the map.

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Under the Secret features 30 different parkour levels with a unique challenge each time you die. This map is also very unique, featuring puzzles and mazes. This map is fun for solo play and multiplayer, and the developer promises to make updates for it with major Minecraft updates.

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Parkour Maps
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