Parkour in the Office

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The office parkour episode focuses on office gossip.

The Office is known for its pop culture references and related humor. For example, during season 3’s “Beach Games” episode, Michael Scott chose his successor by holding games based on the television show “Survivor.” Similarly, the 2009 episode “Gossip” featured an unforgettable parkour scene in the Office. Fischer and Kinsey explain the development of this scene in the podcast.

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The episode’s plot revolves around office gossip and a memorable parkour cold-open. This episode features Andy, Dwight, and Michael performing a variety of parkour moves. The episode also features Michael preparing for an interview and Dwight as his successor. Another episode revolves around Jim and Karen interviewing for a corporate position. Meanwhile, Pam and Karen are trying to cope with the consequences of their outburst.

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One of the most popular office gags in the series is the “Gossip” episode. In this episode, Michael Scott overhears some gossip between two interns. This makes him feel left out, and he wants to spread his word. The episode is a hilarious and entertaining look at the world of office gossip.

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Parkour in the Office
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