Parkour on The Office

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If you’re a fan of The Office, you’ve probably seen parkour on the show. It’s featured in a cold-open scene, and even the crew gets into the action at one point in the front. You can watch The Office on Peacock episodes and listen to its podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Earwolf.

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Season 6 cold open

When fans hear the word “parkour,” they immediately think of The Office, and Season 6’s cold open is no exception. Michael, Dwight, and Andy are spotted practicing parkour on set. In the talk-head interview, Jim explains that the goal of parkour is to avoid getting injured, and he jokes that the team will wind up in the hospital. The three men begin practicing their parkour skills by jumping off a truck onto various objects but end up hurting themselves on an empty refrigerator box.

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Michael and Andy take their parkour skills to the extreme in this episode. They plan to backflip into a trash can, and Andy intends to jump off moving pallets. He’s also planning to do a 360-degree spin on a moving pallet and fall into a garbage can. Instead, he ends up falling through an empty refrigerator box. He enlisted the help of a stunt double to help him deal with the pain.

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The Office Parkour Season 6 cold open continues to have some memorable moments. The opening scene of Jim’s costumed episode as Dwight is a classic moment. The final moments of the attack make it even more special. Aside from being an iconic moment, it is one of the show’s funniest episodes.

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The Office is one of the most beloved comedies on television. Its star, Michael Scott, has become one of the most popular TV characters, and its mockumentary style makes it one of the best comedies ever. The Office was also a great cold open, with a lot of comedy craziness.


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If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Office, you’ve probably seen parkour in the cold-open scenes. It’s a very physical sport, and characters like Jim Carrey and Michael Scott have been known to try it. It also appears in several comics, including Daredevil, Teen Wolf, and Xena Warrior Princess. The series has also become popular as a podcast, which can be found on Stitcher, Earwolf, and Apple Podcasts.

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Parkour on The Office
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Parkour in the Office