Parkour Race Freerun Game on PC

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Parkour Race is an obstacle-course game that tests your reflexes and agility. You will have to jump through obstacles and leave behind dozens of opponents to complete the course as fast as possible. You will also have to execute the riskiest somersaults to gain extra speed. Once you complete a level, you can use your earned money to buy new superhero skins and hats.


The Parkour Race Freerun game is an arcade-style game that revolves around the parkour style. It features a minimalistic interface and colorful characters. To win the Game, players must be fast and maneuver their feelings to the end of the course. However, the player must be careful to stay caught up and may end up losing valuable seconds.

The Parkour Race Freerun game mod has many great features that will make your Game more entertaining. You can customize your character to fit your personality. The Game offers over thirty different costumes for players to choose from. Players can become a samurai, a witch, a robot, and even a Sengoku. These costumes give players different impressions and effects. Each costume allows players to customize their character’s appearance to suit the occasion.

You can download the Parkour Race – Freerun Game Mod from the official website of HappyModPro. Once downloaded, install the Game from Downloads. If prompted, select Yes to install the mod. You can then play this fantastic Game and earn rewards. It’s easy to get started.

The Game can be played on Android devices. It’s free to download and play. There are many levels and a variety of difficulties. You’ll have many different ways to complete these challenges. You’ll have to be fast and agile to win! You’ll need to use your skills and agility to achieve each level.

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Parkour Race: Freerun Game provides mobile gamers with a simple, intuitive experience. It has an appealing set of Parkour levels and offers clear tutorials. The Game is fun and challenging but manageable, which keeps gamers engaged and motivated to complete new challenges.


One of the essential features of Parkour Race is that the Game features different locations worldwide. This makes it easier for players to compete in other areas and prevents them from getting bored while playing the Game. Besides, it adds more color and challenge to the Game. The Game also features various obstacles and scenery to match the city where it is set up.

Another exciting feature of the Game is its many different arenas. Each venue has other challenges, and players must work hard to overcome them. The Game also features famous locations, like Paris in France, Tokyo in Japan, and many other world-famous sites.

The Game also features a friendly interface. You can control the Game by using simple swipes and taps on the screen to move. You can also use orange ramps to boost your speed and catch up to your opponents. As you advance through the levels, you will have to overcome more obstacles and faster opponents.

Moreover, Parkour Race – Freerun Game lets players customize their avatars. This feature makes playing even more fun, as you can change your character’s look and appearance. This will help you look more relaxed and attractive during a race. The Game also has numerous levels, each with unique obstacles.

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Another exciting feature of this Game is that you can download it for free. You can download it from the HappyModPro website. Just make sure to click on Yes when the installation prompt appears.

How to install

You may wonder how to install the parkour race freerun game on PC. You can install this popular Game on your computer using Bluestacks, an Android emulator. The first step is to open the Playstore on your device and find the Game you wish to install. Bluestacks will then automatically install the Game for you. Once the Game is installed, you can use it the same way on your smartphone.

The Game is available for Android, Windows, Mac, and PC devices. You can install it using BlueStacks or another Android emulator, such as Nox. The installation process will take a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection. However, the most crucial step to get this Game on your computer is ensuring an active internet connection.

Next, download the latest version of BlueStacks on your computer. You can use it to install Parkour Race – FreeRun Game on your PC or Mac. If you’re running BlueStacks on a Mac, you must install the Framework. You will also need to install the Google Play store on your PC.

Next, launch the emulator application. This application acts like a virtual Android device on your PC and lets you play the Game on a bigger screen. It also has full critical mapping support to enjoy a better experience. This is also a great way to avoid battery and mobile data limitations.

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Parkour Race is a fun, casual game. You’ll be challenged by obstacles and earn points by jumping over them. You can also compete with other players around the world.

How to play

Parkour Race is an exciting obstacle course game that will test your reflexes. You’ll be challenged to perform the most daring somersaults and jumps and to leave dozens of rivals behind. To win, you’ll need to earn hundreds of coins while avoiding the obstacles. Once you have collected enough coins, you can invest in new skins and hats for your hero.

Parkour Race is a 3D parkour running game. It requires you to run on walls and leap between buildings to make your way through the city. While the Game may look simple at first glance, it can only be easy to play by knowing your teammates and how to play the Game together.

Parkour Race is a free-to-download game. The Game developer, Maddox, has rated it for users aged twelve and above. The Game has been available since 28th January 2020 and updated on 23rd October 2021. Using an emulator is a great way to play the Game without any lags.

How to win

The Game is based on parkour, a discipline involving jumping over obstacles. The obstacles in the Game include running on walls, scaling walls, and overcoming significant gaps. There are different ways to complete these challenges, and the Game allows you to do so at your own pace. Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to more challenging levels.

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Parkour Race is a simulation parkour game where you control the characters and jump and climb on walls. As you complete each obstacle, you will earn coins. As you continue playing, you can use these coins to unlock new skins and hats for your characters. The faster you move through the parkour course, the higher your score will be.

Parkour Race is a free game to play on mobile devices. It features easy-to-learn gameplay and beautiful Parkour scenes. It’s also challenging, which will only motivate you to work harder. You can find a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the Game. This tutorial will guide you through the different levels and help you understand the best ways to win.

Bluestacks has the Google play store pre-installed. Double-click the Playstore icon and search for the Parkour Race – Freerun Game. Once you have found the Game, Bluestacks will install it for you. The Game will appear under the list of installed apps. After installation, you can play the Game as if it were on your smartphone.

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Parkour Race Freerun Game on PC
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