Parkour Summer Camps Near Me

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If you want to learn about parkour, there are a variety of summer camps available in your area. Some of the top ones are Ninja & Parkour Camp and The Movement Creative. The centers offer various activities to help campers develop their body awareness and conquer fun challenges. However, it is optional to have experience with parkour to join one of these camps.

Ninja & Parkour Camp

Ninja & Parkour Camp is designed for kids aged seven to thirteen and fuses the fundamentals of the hit show Ninjago with the sport of parkour. Parkour is a kid-friendly obstacle course that requires only body movement. The concept was inspired by a sports complex that wanted to provide an outlet for the kids bored of gymnastics while still feeding the frenzy around their “ninja” classes.

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There are many reasons to enroll your child in a Ninja & Parkour camp. These camps are great for building self-esteem, fostering healthy habits, and boosting confidence. The program is also suitable for birthday parties. Aside from being fun, Ninja & Parkour Camps are also great for improving your child’s physical health.

Among the many classes offered by Ninja & Parkour Camps, the ParKids program is the most popular one. It teaches the basics of parkour movements, including wall skills, vaults, and floor bars. This class is geared toward younger children, as it is a more fundamental level than a more advanced course.

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If you’re looking for a Ninja & Parkour Camp near me, you’ve come to the right place. The staff is experienced, with backgrounds ranging from gymnastics to parkour. From kids to adults, the instructors provide fun and challenging training. They use the GRIT parkour training system, which consists of three levels and eight bands.

The Movement Creative

The Movement Creative is a group of dedicated coaches and experienced parkour practitioners offering public and private classes, summer camps, and in-school programming. You can take parkour lessons in your local area or join a summer camp for kids of all ages. The Movement Creative summer camps are available for kids of all ages and are perfect for both beginners and advanced parkour students.

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The coaches at The Movement Creative have decades of parkour training experience, and each coaching team member has a personal movement practice. The Movement Creative is also dedicated to building a career for their coaches, with the highest hourly pay of any parkour organization or gym in the NYC area.

Campers at The Movement Creative’s summer camps for kids can enjoy high-energy, fun, and challenging classes. They will learn parkour skills and how to overcome physical and mental obstacles. Campers will attend obstacle courses weekly, participate in games, and learn new skills.

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Level One Course: This camp is designed for beginners and provides a solid foundation in parkour and acrobatics. It begins with parkour basics and incorporates quadrupedal and bipedal movements. It also includes basic gymnastics elements such as jumping, cat grabs, and bars. Participants will be challenged to use these new skills in local parks, playgrounds, and plazas. Coaches will stay with students to offer feedback and suggest extra exercises.

Parkour and Sports Adventure Camp: This camp will focus on developing parkour and sports skills along with Ninja Warrior, basketball, and tumbling. Campers will also learn about parkour films. Campers will also learn to create obstacle courses in a Parkour Design Lab. Campers will also go on bus field trips in the greater New York area.

Parkour classes are designed to help kids overcome emotional hurdles. Unlike traditional fitness programs, parkour is an exciting sport that allows kids to become better at jumping, running, and jumping. Kids will learn to navigate obstacles and apparent gaps and climb over obstacles. Moreover, the kids will develop confidence and social skills through the intense environment.

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Parkour Summer Camps Near Me
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