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The Office is a popular comedy show that has used parkour on the show. Several episodes included scenes of parkour, which led the cast to yell “PARKOUR!” and get into the action. Fans can watch the episodes online or listen to the podcast on various sites, including Peacock and Apple Podcasts.

The Office

Parkour is a sport that has been featured on the television show The Office. It was first seen in the cold open of Season 6, where the office employees put their parkour skills to the test. As a result, the parkour scene is a pop culture phenomenon. If you want to learn more about the parkour movement and its origin, listen to the podcast by Fischer and Kinsey. The podcast features exclusive information about the parkour scene on The Office.

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The Office is known for its witty humor, and it often touches on current events and pop culture. One memorable episode, “Beach Games,” aired in 2007, in which Michael Scott decided to choose his successor by putting his employees through Survivor-style games, featured an amazing parkour scene. Fischer and Kinsey’s podcast explains how this particular scene was filmed.

Parkour stunts

There are plenty of ways to incorporate parkour into your daily life. It can be as simple as moving from point A to point B without using any hands, or it can be as complicated as performing a variety of physical feats. Even a mundane task like picking up a thrown object off the roof might be considered a parkour stunt.

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One of the most iconic Parkour challenges was featured in an episode of The Office. In one scene, Ed Helms had a stunt double for Andy. In another scene, he had to run across an empty refrigerator box. While this may seem like a stunt that would require a trained stuntman, it turned out to be a simple task that even the nerdiest of people can perform.

Movies have often featured Parkour stunts in the action scenes. In The Man from Kangaroo, for instance, the protagonist chases a mugger while traversing rooftops. Another example is the spoof Batman Incorporated, where Eric Draven uses parkour in his quest to save the city. Parkour also appears in the Bollywood film Tashan, where the lead, Akshay Kumar, performs stunts such as climbing scaffolding.

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It is important to note that parkour can be dangerous, and the risk of injury from overconfidence is high. It is not uncommon to see people perform dangerous stunts for YouTube views, but you should never try it yourself. You could end up with a twisted knee or broken bone.


The word “parkour” has evoked a host of images for Office fans. For instance, the cold open in Season 6 shows a group of characters using their parkour skills to tear up the office. While this scene may be one of the most infamous in the show, it is not the only reason fans buy parkour the office meme T-shirts.

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Meme template

Michael Scott from The Office is trying out the martial art of PARKOUR. He’s hopping around the office in a tie while trying to train for the sport. Of course, this is a parody of someone else’s athletic endeavor, but the joke is still funny. You can use this Michael Scott meme template to create your own hilarious memes.

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Parkour the Office Meme
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