USA Today Crossword Answers – Words Like Parkour Athletes

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Many people love solving puzzles to improve their thinking abilities. For example, many people enjoy crossword puzzles published by USA Today. Regardless of age or interest level, the USA Today crossword is a great way to improve your thinking capacity. To solve a specific puzzle, head to the page below, and you’ll have the answer to the clue you’re having trouble with.

Lielakais sporta pasakums pasaule

If you’re looking for a crossword puzzle that includes the words like parkour athletes, you’ve come to the right place. There are two clues in this crossword: one is related to parkour, and the other is related to basketball. If you’re trying to find a clue that matches both clues, you’ll want to look at both answers.

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These sports include nirvana ar turbine (the Latvian equivalent to skeletons) and dala no hokeja pamatlaika (the Latvian version). Athletes who compete in distance races are known as orientesans inventories (or onwards). And if you’re looking for a sport that involves balancing and jumping, you may have come across some apbalvojums or sasniegums.

If you’ve been wondering how to solve a clue like “Like parkour athletes” in the USA Today crossword, the good news is that you can always go to a trusted source for the answer. This website publishes a new crossword each day, and you can head to their website and find it at a glance.

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In addition to these three sports, you’ll find some interesting words related to other countries’ sports. For example, football is a sport that requires agility. In addition, it’s a sport where athletes can lift weights and jump high. Lastly, you’ll find a lot of exciting clues if you’re a basketball fan.


You’ve probably heard of the group known as Yamakasi. You may have even seen their stunts in “The Parkour Kid.” These men performed a variety of parkour moves, and their group name is a nod to their spirit and strength.

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Parkour is an extreme movement involving rapid and intricate movements through a particular area. Its roots stem from military training drills, such as the Parcours du Combattant, which originated during World War I. It was popularized by David Belle, who led the group Yamakasi in the 1990s. Since then, international movies about parkour have increased public interest in the sport.

George Hebert

Parkour is a form of movement that began in Lisses, France, where David Belle, a 15-year-old student, invented it. His father’s experiences influenced him as a firefighter and military rescuer. Raymond’s father, a highly skilled athlete, trained his son in an exercise routine created by physical education expert Georges Hebert. The exercise regime sought to develop the human body and encourage natural movement.

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This movie introduced parkour and its practitioners to a new culture. The film’s first screening, “Parkour,” was watched by three million viewers, and the sport spread to 65 countries. The film also introduced viewers to “jams,” or informal gatherings of traceurs. These sessions can last from minutes to seconds.

The French military used parkour during World War I and World War II to keep soldiers fit. The sport gained popularity with the general public. A recent movie, “Casino Royale,” features a parkour chase. The chase begins with a jump from a crane and proceeds through an urban setting. The movement is performed at a dead run and often involves urban obstacles. The technique is elegant because it uses more challenging terrain and efficient paths.

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USA Today Crossword Answers – Words Like Parkour Athletes
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