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If you’re a fan of parkour games, you’ll love Parkour Block 3D! This action-adventure jumping game has a blocky world and tons of parkour challenges. Run, jump, and jump your way to the next checkpoint.

35 unique levels

If you enjoy a challenge, you’ll love the 35 unique Y8 Parkour Block 3D levels. The game’s objective is to make it to the end of each class while jumping and sliding over a series of platforms. As the game progresses, the levels become more complex, and players must adjust their tactics for each subsequent run.

The challenge comes from obstacles that test the player’s skill and luck. If the player falls, they’ll have to start the level again. However, they’ll reach the exit portal if they complete the story. In addition, players can skip the group in a set amount of time and play the game at their own pace.

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The game features tons of parkour challenges, as well as 3D graphics reminiscent of Minecraft. The controls are similar to those in Minecraft. WASD keys move your character while the spacebar makes it jump. Achieving the portal will advance your personality to the next level, but you must be aware of your character’s limitations to succeed.

As the game is entirely free, you can play it online without a download. It is also compatible with your browser and can be played directly in your browser. It is regularly updated on Ngames. The game has received a significant number of downloads and plays.

First-person parkour game

Parkour Block 3D is a fun jumping and action-adventure game with a Minecraft-like blocky style. The graphics are also quite realistic. Players need to know their limits to complete levels, and they can use their skills to advance to the next level.

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The game is set in an urban environment and is played in 3D. This makes it easier to move around and has a unique, varied soundtrack. You can maneuver your character over rooftops, walls, and ventilation shafts using parkour-style moves and jumps.

Action-adventure jumping game

Parkour Block 3D is a jumping action-adventure game with a Minecraft-like blocky style. Players need to jump over platforms and avoid the lava. To do so, players use the arrow keys to run and jump.

Developed by Poly Games

Parkour Block 3D is a platform game that will challenge your parkour skills. There are several oriental levels to complete. The game also has 3D graphics that are similar to those of Minecraft. You must collect all the keys and blocks in each group to move on to the next one.

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Parkour Block 3D is an online game developed by Poly Games. This is the second game in the Parkour Block series. This time, the game features Christmas-themed levels. Y8 children will love the colorful characters and festive themes. Whether you’re an expert or starting, this game will keep you busy for hours.

Parkour Block 3D is an online game that is available for free. It has over 3k players. It’s a challenging platform game that challenges your reaction time and strategy. You’ll need quick reflexes and an intelligent choice of moves to succeed in this game.

This game features dozens of levels that will test your skills. Parkour Block 3D uses 3D graphics that are similar to Minecraft. You’ll have to jump over a series of platforms to reach the end of each level. The game features retry capabilities, which allow you to perfect your skills for the next run. You can even save your progress by improving your parkour skills.

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Poly Games has added two new levels to this game, which you can unlock in various ways. You can earn coins by jumping over obstacles and completing different levels. You can also earn cash by completing missions and completing challenges. You can also purchase various items to improve your skills in the game.

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Y8 Parkour Block 3D
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